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Course Creation to Amplify Your Voice

Hey Richfriend! I'm thankful for you - YES YOU! I'm Aimee, your November Yacht Club Captain and this month we are taking action on LEADING WITH YOUR STORY through COURSE DEVELOPMENT! Throughout the month of November, I will be sharing freebies that are just for you - my fellow Yacht Club shipmates - to help you lead clients with your story and share your gifts.

Digital Artist

Week 3: Creating Your Digital Classroom


Week 2: Concrete Steps to Build an Effective Course

triple threat venn.jpeg

Week 4: Triple Threat for Impactful Course Creation


Aimee Rodriguez is a NeuroArts and Accessible Learning Specialist. She transforms what we know about the brain & the body to cultivate inclusive learning experiences across disciplines, from birth through the lifespan - AND she empowers others to do the same.

Let's go on a journey together to develop meaningful, accessible and inclusive content for your audience!

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