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Have you ever had a dress or a suit that didn't quite fit right? When it was tailored, I bet you felt like a million bucks.

Feel like that when you work with me!


  • Schedule a Discovery Call and complete the intake process. Walk away with solutions from the very first call!
  • We'll clarify your needs and vision to build a customized plan with the services that are right for you!
  • Programmed sessions, resources, and follow ups help keep you on track to meet your goals.


This is tailored just for you! You're only limited by what you can think of! If it is ever not the right fit or you need additional expertise, I will refer you out to the best option to fit your needs. Optimizing your growth and development is what's important!

Here are some ideas of what our work could look like:
  • practice working on a skill with feedback and coaching
  • development of relevant materials or pointing you to applicable resources
  • individualized or group training, problem solving or brainstorming sessions
  • writing IEPs, goals, objectives, 504 plans, progress reports, etc. (de-identified)
  • designing instruction, unit mapping, curriculum mapping, lesson planning
  • reviewing video of your teaching & providing feedback
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