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Aurora Creative Learning Solutions, Inc.

Education services company with a wide range of programs to embrace diversity, creatively innovate, and grow together.

Aurora Instructional Design Division

Instructional design services for businesses, school districts & other organizations to train stakeholders with effective, interactive training using evidence-based learning strategies & data analysis.

Aurora Scholars Program

Providing digital home learning opportunities for diverse learners with integrated disability supports systems & rigorous curriculum to propel every learner towards their goals.

Center for Building Educational Leaders

At the Aurora Center for Building Educational Leaders, we seek to build strong, culturally sensitive & growth-minded professionals - both within our own staff & within the field as a whole. Anyone who considers themself an educator may join an open workshop. We also contract with districts, schools, & groups.

Family Empowerment Institute

we believe that parents are a child's first teacher and an essential part of the learning process. We also know that traditional parents are not the only caregivers in a child's life & honor that diversity in the services we provide. We focus on partnering with caregivers & family members to support them in being the best teachers in their home.

Providing training & coaching programs, support & resource groups, & advocacy planning/support.

Rodriguez Creative Studios, LLC

Applied music instruction in voice, oboe, english horn, clarinet, alto saxophone, music composition & beginning piano.

Composing, arranging & transcription services, as well as music performance on woodwinds & vocals.

Music therapy services beginning in 2023!

Rodriguez Properties

Rent your home from a values-driven landlord who prioritizes tenant wellbeing & quality of life. Currently featuring rental property in the dreamy island town of Sitka, Alaska!

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