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Hello & Welcome!

I am so excited to embark on this journey of learning & growth with you! My name is Aimee Rodriguez. I am a NeuroArts & Accessible Learning Specialist. What that means is that I transform what we know about the brain & body to cultivate accessible & engaging learning opportunities across the lifespan - both in the arts and beyond! I also empower others to do the same. Everything we do flows through the lens of our values - Embracing Diversity, Creatively Innovating & Growing Together

The Aimee Rodriguez Podcast is a space where we talk about all the different ways and experiences we learn from - whether that’s schooling at home or within the education system, learning from life experience, professional learning, parenting, personal growth, therapeutic work, coaching - you name it! There are so many experiences and spaces we learn in and from. If you’re like me, you’re always looking to grow and be a better version of yourself. Why do it alone? Let’s do it together and meet some friends along the way who will challenge what we think we know. Let’s re-imagine together what learning looks like.

I have also had the honor to guest on podcasts of amazing professionals, including: 

  • Parent Them Successful with Jessika Shields, LEP

  • The Music Therapy Chronicles with Tricia Caiati, MT-BC

The Aimee Rodriguez Podcast

Coming Soon Neon Light

Guest Episodes

Supporting Individuals with All Levels of Need
The Music Therapy Chronicles w/Tricia Caiati, MT-BC

The Twice Exceptional Child
Parent Them Successful w/Jessika Shields, LEP

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