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Aimee C. Rodriguez, MA

NeuroArts & Accessible Learning Specialist

I'm Aimee Rodriguez. I am a neuro-affirmative provider who transforms what we know about the brain & body to cultivate accessible & engaging learning opportunities - from birth across the lifespan & across academic disciplines - empowering others to do the same.
Master of Arts, Teaching
Bachelor of Arts, Music Education & Music Theory/Composition
Certificate: Music Therapy Equivalency (expected May 2024)
Neurologic Music Therapy Student Affiliate
Graduate Certificate, Special Education
Graduate Certificate, Applied Behavior Analysis*
*focus in Organizational Behavior Management & Adult Learning/Training
Statement on Applied Behavior Analysis and approach to services

Oregon Professional Teaching License #10447606
Alaska Professional Teaching License, Type T #4093098
Endorsements: Special Education (inc. early childhood) , Elementary/Middle School, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Basic Math & Music.
I am a military spouse, educator & international music composer. 

Over 16+ years in public education, I saw many students not receive instruction that met all of their needs - particularly our multi-exceptional learners. It is common to only serve the area of highest need & not meet the holistic needs of a child.  I've consistently seen that simple strategies for accessible learning can prevent the need of using tactics that can easily become harmful.
That is why I am committed to neuro-affirmative practices & re-imagining how we serve learners across the lifespan.

After spending nearly half a decade as an autism specialist & supporting families & educators through the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to find a way to fill the gaps & support more families where services are missing. In the same vein, military families, often moving, struggle to find consistency & continuity for their child's learning. That is why I created Aurora Creative Learning Solutions and Rodriguez Creative Studios, LLC to provide accessible, holistic educational experiences across the globe.

I am excited to partner with you, whether an educator or a family, to empower you in transforming learning in your home or classroom .
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